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One of the trades we at Pridemark Construction specialize in, is insulation, and we find the best insulation on the market today for existing homes to be Retrofoam. This is why we use it exclusively when insulating homes that are not going to interrupt outer or inner surfaces,  for other work details.   

RetroFoam wall insulation can usually be installed from the out side of your home, avoiding potential mess and interruptions to the inside, while saving you up to 50% on your energy bills.

The benefits of RetroFoam are multiple, and starts delivering from day one of installation, and will continue consistently for the entire lifetime of your home,  Guaranteed!

Some of the benefits  include –  Money saving energy efficiency, bug and rodent resistant and a more quiet home. 

The greatest benefit, is knowing you did one of the best home improvements to secure a safe, stable living environment, for yourself and your loved ones, that wont break your bank. 

Minimum of 35% energy loss through un-insulated  walls

Get on your way to living more comfortable in your home, while saving on energy cost !

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What Can RetroFoam Do For You?


RetroFoam is hypoallergenic, mold-free, nonflammable, and non-toxic. Our unique formula does not produce fumes, gas or emissions.


Your home is a place for you to kick your feet up and relax. Keep it cool in the summer and warm in the winter with the help of proper insulation.


When your home is properly insulated, the temperature will remain consistent, helping you avoid surprising spikes in your utility bills.
One of the reasons Retrofoam works so well, is it fills even the smallest voids within your walls perfectly. Encompassing every pipe, wire nail and screw, creating perfect positives to even the smallest areas within the walls of your home. This perfect fill, leaves no space for rodents or bugs. RetroFoam is naturally resistant to mold growth and contains neither cellulose nor other fiber that sustain mold growth. RetroFoam has high nitrogen content which is toxic to most molds, but which is otherwise non-toxic and inert to humans. Empty walls act as conduits for air transfer through walls, channels that often travel from attic to basement and every possible outlet in-between. As air works its way through your walls and into your living space, it will carry dust, molds, fibers from other insulation, particles of pest dander and droppings. Besides all the other obvious benefits, Retrofoam puts a stopper on all these air passages, preventing the possibility of contaminating your living spaces. The video below illustrates how Retrofoam works to stop even a pressurized air flow in comparison to Fiberglass and Cellulose.